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Meet Session Times

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Setting session times for a meet can be one of the most time consuming, and nerve wracking, parts of the pre-meet process.  As a meet director you want to walk that fine line between getting as many kids through the meet as possible, while still starting and ending each session on time.  It's almost just as bad to have long breaks between sessions as it is to run over time and not have any break between sessions.

Too often we've attended meets where the meet times have been off...either there was way too much time between sessions, or the times were so aggressive that there was no way they could realistically be met.  These "bad" meet times could be the result of a meet director that doesn't have a good system for setting times, or doesn't understand some of the nuances with setting times, or just plain guesses at what the times should be.

The Meet Session Times tool has been developed over many years of running meets.  A systematic approach has been developed which gives a repeatable process for setting meet times.  Not only that, but the time taken to set session times can be reduced to just minutes with some very basic information about your meet.

With the full version, you can enter information for up to 6 sessions per day for a 2 day meet and it will automatically generate Check In, Open Warmup, March In, Competition, and Awards times.  The tool will generate session times for all women's J.O. levels and Xcel for Traditional, Modified Traditional, and Modified Capitol Cup formats.