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US Glove Gymnastics Tiger Paw Wrist Supports

$ 49.97


Tiger Paw Wrist Supports Sizing Information - Tiger Paws are sold in pairs!

Please refer to the table below when determining your correct size for Tiger Paws.

While sizing is not an absolute thing, this will be the best guide available. If you happen to fall between two sizes, we generally recommend that you choose the larger size.


 Size  Body Weight
XS Up to 69 pounds
 S 69 to 115 pounds
 M 115 to 150 pounds
L 150 to 210 pounds

The most popular gymnastic wrist support is now even better. Tiger Paws are now available in 26 colors & patterns! As always, they have replaceable foam pad supports. XS Paws are shipped with two plastic inserts and two foam inserts, all other sizes are shipped with 4 plastic inserts and two foam inserts. We recommend you order extra inserts now and save on shipping later.

Tiger Paw wrist supports are also available in a water resistant version. It's a favorite with platform divers and anyone who needs wrist support in a wet environment.  This new material will work very well for outdoor cheer and tumbling due to it's abrasion resistance.  Choose the WaterProof option from the color pull down menu for this product.

For those looking for a color that matches caucasian skin tones our Sand color choice is the best.


A Note About Colored Paws!

First, the bright colored Paws:

We've had some feedback from customers about the color bleeding onto their hands. It's very infrequent, but it does happen. We suspect it is related to levels of perspiration and body chemistry as it happens so seldom.
If you want the colored Paws anyway and encounter problems, we suggest you spray the Paws with Scotch Guard or hairspray. This seems an effective solution to fix the problem.

Fancy Paws:

The animal print Paws are colored using a screen print process. Due to variations in the leather and the printing process, the print can be notably different from the pictures on the site.

Neither of these issues represent a defect in the performance of the Paw! We use only the finest leather available, all from American cows. (Don't laugh, it matters, really! :-) Foreign cows are much less healthy and their hides are full of defects related to these health conditions. This makes the leather unsuitable for our production process)

If this is a concern of yours, please buy the sand colored Paws, our biggest seller by far, or the waterproof model. We do not warranty Paws for color bleeding or inconsistent animal print patterns!